How to download paid apps for free for iPhone

How to download paid apps for free for iPhone.

The Apple App Store is a safe, verified place to download apps and games. But on the contrary, the App Store charges a large amount of publishing fee from the developers. Therefore, developers, in turn, ask for small donations or put paid apps to get back the publishing fee and make some profit from it.


But not all apps are paid, and you can always find a free alternative to the paid app. However, there may be some applications that you want to install but do not want to pay for, especially when you do not have credit cards or an electronic payment method available to you, and this is a problem that Arabs often face.

In this case, you can use the following methods to download paid software for free for iPhone. Now there is always a risk of installing apps via external sources. But we did our research, and here are some reliable, legitimate and safe ways to download paid apps for free on your iPhone.

1. Via app installers (App Store alternatives)

There are many third-party app installers available for iOS. The most important thing about these services is that they often provide most of the paid apps on the Apple Store for free. Some of the famous names in this list include AppValley, iOSEmus Store, TutuApp, iPABox and many more.

3. Panda Helper Store

Panda Helper is not actually an Apple product. In fact, this is another third-party app which is very similar to the real one. However, it is good to note that unlike the original App Store, you can download most of the paid apps for free here. In addition, it is also available for Android.

The following steps will help you download Panda Helper.

Download Panda Helper Store from TuTuApp
Once downloaded, you can install any app on your iPhone or iPad from Panda Helper.
When you open any installed application downloaded from Panda Helper, you may need to install a configuration profile for the application to function normally
The installed application will attempt to download the configuration file to the iOS browser.
Once the configuration profile is installed, the applications can work normally.

click her for Dwowload PandaHelp

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